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Starting with Nation Broadcasting (formerly Town & Country Broadcasting) in 2012, I've had experience in many aspects of radio broadcasting, from journalism through to producing shows, hosting live events and presenting. While working as a freelance broadcaster until 2020, clients have included Wireless Group (News UK), BBC Newsbeat, UKRD and KM Media Group. 


I've also made comment and discussion appearances on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT, talkRADIO and BBC Radio Wales.

I'm now at Times Radio, working as an Assistant Producer for John Pienaar's Drive programme.


As a broadcast journalist, I've covered a plethora of local and national news stories on air and online, from general election nights and exclusive interviews with government ministers, to local protests and council meetings. I've also worked on special documentary-style programming, such as featured programmes on the 'April Jones Story' and WW1 anniversary commemorations. 


In terms of presenting and producing, I love making creative and engaging radio that hits home with the listener, either putting a smile on their face or making them stop and think (usually the smile is better though, right?). I've presented and produced daily Breakfast & Drivetime shows on award-winning and market-leading local radio stations, plus other special 'one-off' programmes and audio packages. I'm also constantly trying to find new ways of integrating radio with social media in order to attract and interact with audiences new and old.


Below you'll find my latest news demo, plus some examples of my producing and presenting work. If you want to find out anything else, just send an email to

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