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A New Adventure - I'm Moving!

Hello! I'm moving. After about 4 years of fun with the team at Radio Pembrokeshire, Radio Carmarthenshire & Radio Ceredigion in West Wales, I'm starting a new adventure from November 7th & moving to the South East!

Firstly I'll be spending a few months in Cambridge before moving into London, working freelance as a producer, newsreader & presenter right across the region - drop my Facebook page a like to keep up to date as to where I'll be popping up!

It's an exciting (plus a little scary) time - anybody who knows me personally will know how much I've wanted to end up living the London life for years & now (even if sooner than expected) it's finally happening.

You'll probably want to know why I'm leaving West Wales. I'll spare you too much detail, but as you may have seen in local news reports etc, the way that Nation Broadcasting's West Wales services (Radio Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, and Ceredigion) are delivered is changing. The main daytime presentation of the stations will soon be coming from studios at St Hilary, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Though I fully understand the reasons behind this change, personally I do feel this is a sad change for local radio across West Wales and within the industry itself. Networking definitely does have massive benefits to presenters & listeners, but I do feel these counties will miss out greatly on the knowledge and experience of presenters who know their patch inside and out. Something which is hard to replace, and yet should be the true lifeblood of a local station.

Despite this, I wish the team well - there are some superb people there who I've had the great privilege to work with & I'm sure will continue making some great radio for the counties. The group has given me so much in the way of experience and happy memories and I'll always be thankful for that. These stations have changed my life.

My final day will be the 7th November & from then on I'll catch you around London & the South East! Despite the move, I still have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the county, so keep an eye out.

Catch you soon & I'll update you again asap!

OC x



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